Our Grace Academy Pre-Kindergarten program is a Bible based program for 3-5 year olds that includes Kindergarten prep activities. Each day includes Biblical worldview based learning, and age appropriate stories from the Bible with Bible verse memory from the New King James Version. We model and participate in classroom prayer daily teaching the importance of a relationship with God and begin simple age appropriate catechisms. The preschool years are about introducing our little ones to the world and giving them the academic preparation they need to be ready for a rigorous classical education in the grammar stages.
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We incorporate cognitive, fine and gross motor, language and literacy, math and science activities for age appropriate development. Math skills are developed at a gentle pace
through counting exercises, games, manipulatives and play. We include as much hands on learning as possible, while also using the occasional worksheet to prep for kindergarten readiness by the second half of the school year. Worksheets at this age assist with the development of student fine motor skills, writing utensil grasp, preparing for seatwork, etc. We enjoy spending time getting to know each child individually, to better assess their strengths and limitations so we can challenge age appropriate growth.  We strive for grace in all situations, while keeping middle ground when it
comes to discipline and teaching self help, regulation, and coping skills. We promote an environment where children become independent life long learners. We believe children
learn best through a combination of play based and teacher led activities which include as much of a classical teaching style as possible (ie. recitation/memorization) to prepare them for our classical Kindergarten program.
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